5 Conditions To Talk To A Retina Specialist

5 Conditions To Talk To A Retina Specialist


The eyes are our most precious organ. The retina is an important part of the eye. There are many rods, cons, and nerve cells in the retina by which it can receive visual information and send it to the brain. Thus, a man can see everything clearly with a healthy retina.

Retinal issues have spread out vastly, and in most cases, it refers to the loss of vision. Retinal issues can be contrived on any part of your retina. If you feel any symptoms regarding vision loss, you need to consult a retina specialist in Siliguri immediately. Treatments are available for some of the retinal issues.

The conditions when you see a retina doctor are as follows:

Retinal detachment

The fine layer of tissue of the inside wall of the posterior portion of the eye is pulled away from its previous position it can be denoted as retinal detachment. For this disease retinal tissue is getting detached from blood vessels which supply oxygen to your eye and feed it.

When your vision is decreased, or you see a flashlight in front of your eye suddenly, it may be an indication of retinal detachment. Consult an eye doctor near you with all these symptoms.

Retinal tear

If the clear watery part in the centre of an eye diminishes and yanks on the fine layer of the tissue in the retina breaking retinal tear can occur, then. Blurred visions, viewing floating images partial loss of vision are some of the symptoms of retinal tears. Notice if any visionary changes may occur with your eye and contact with haste to an ophthalmologist.

Epiretinal membrane

When a fine membrane is noticed in the upper portion of the retina, it is called an epiretinal membrane. If it appears on the top of the macula, it is caused by blurred vision. If you feel any distortion in your eye visit a retina doctor near you immediately.

Diabetic retinopathy

When the blood vessels of the light-sensitive tissues of the retina are disturbed by high blood sugar, it is called diabetic retinopathy. In the initial stage diabetic retinopathy has no symptoms but avoiding the disease can lead to blindness.

Persons who are suffering from type 1 and 2 diabetes may tend to have this issue. If you are diabetic for a long period and your blood sugar level cannot be controlled, you may in danger of having this eye disease. To save from this eye disease you can control your blood sugar.

Macular degeneration

The core of your retina starts to degenerate day by day because of macular degeneration. You can feel a blind spot or blurred vision at the centre of your eye side.

Initially, this issue is in dry form and gradually it can be wet in the form in both eyes. If you are among those who have a centre visionary issue consult a retina specialist in Siliguri without wasting valuable time.

Persons who are obese or diabetic or smokers or have a family history of eye side disorder, pay an attention to their eye side with care. Your negligence of the eye side can lead to regrets later.

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