5 Eye Disorders & Their Treatments

5 Eye Disorders & Their Treatments


Eyesight is a blessing for every human being. We can experience this beautiful world with these two. Whether your eye health gets disturbed your entire world will be plunged into darkness. Hence, always try to maintain your eyesight with special care.

A recent study says that most people aged or beyond 40 are either legally bEyesightlind or suffering from low vision. If you are one of them, then don’t waste your time and consult your best retina specialist in Siliguri today.

Listed below are the five common eye disorders and their treatments:

1) Cataracts

People who are generally above the age of 50 are experiencing cloudy lenses in the retina portion of the eyes. It can happen at any age in recent times. Mainly eye injury, lack of protein, and UV exposure are responsible for cataracts. Don’t leave the issue untreated as it may lead to vision loss over time.


If you have been affected with cataracts consult an ophthalmologist immediately. This is a common issue and requires surgery. Your doctor will advise you on the time of surgery depending on the degree of affected vision.

2) Macular Degeneration

Macula degeneration refers injured macula portion of your eye which discern lights. It can be happened because of excessive smoking, or a family history of AMD. Unfortunately, there is no way to cure the disease completely, treatment only helps to slow the progression of the disease.


AMD treatment process helps to protect your eye from vision loss. The treatment process includes:

  • Injecting anti-aging drugs into the eyes
  • Laser therapy to diminish  unnecessary blood vessels
  • Using photodynamic lesser therapy
  • Advises you to take vitamin C, E, zinc, and beta-carotene foods

3) Dry Eyes

While tear glands cannot manufacture enough tears and lack of tear secretion happens, it means you are affected by dry eyes. Agonizing, inflammatory, and itching sensations are annoying your eye greatly. Often it results in loss of vision.


Your retina doctor advises you to install a humidifier at your home. The doctor prescribes an eye drop to produce tears naturally. Sometimes the doctor uses a plug to hold tears in the glands.

4) Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a stage where the eye’s optic nerve is damaged and gets worsen over time. It is a hereditary disease and sometimes excessive eye pressure is responsible for glaucoma. Although glaucoma has no symptoms at its initial stage so you need an eye check by a retina doctor yearly.


Glaucoma can be treated by surgery, medication, or laser therapy.

5) Diabetic Retinopathy

Patients who have uncontrolled type 1 or 2 blood sugar have a great risk of diabetic retinopathy. It is one of the main reasons for blindness. The blood vessels of light-sensitive tissues which exist at the back portion of the retina are defiled because of increased blood sugar.


By using the photocoagulation process retina specialist in Siliguri can impair the leakage of blood vessels from the retina. Laser surgery can also prevent diabetic retinopathy. Eye doctors always recommend you control your blood sugar with the assistance of your physician.

Don’t ignore your eye issue as if you lose your vision it cannot be cured by any means. Make ensure you visit an ophthalmologist yearly for eye care.

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