How To Improve Your Eye?

How To Improve Your Eye?


Most people face visionary problems in their mid 40’s to advance the 60s while they are reading books or watching television. People are suffering from a close-distance vision problems. This disability in the eye side is very common for all and maybe progressed day by day.

If you have faced such a visionary problem of not viewing while maintaining a healthy distance, don’t forget to consult a retina doctor in Siliguri for a checkup.

Initially, you have to clutch the study material at a certain distance from your eyes side and try to read it, using an antiglare screen with your computer screen for the protection of your eye side and maintain a certain distance while watching television.

Prescription glasses may help you, however, some other natural ways have:

Eat nutritious foods

Carrot is very important for a healthy eye as it is contained vitamin A. Not only vitamin A is important for your eye but other vitamin and minerals viz. Vitamin C, E, copper, and zinc are also played a pivotal role in your eye care.

Macular degeneration is an ongoing threat for aged people. Antioxidants are very helpful to prevent macular degeneration in the eye side. Hence, the antioxidant rich foods viz. pumpkin, dark leafy vegetables, egg, sweet potato, etc are useful for you.

Eye movements

Though eyes have some muscles exercise is required. The perfect time for eye exercise is morning. If you are maintaining eye exercise daily you will feel a difference within a few days. Consult an eye doctor near you who will guide you through some eye exercises which are suitable for you.

Get active for a healthy eye

Having a habit of exercising a daily minimum of 30 minutes will get you not only a healthy body, but it keeps your eye disease free. As a result of exercise blood circulation can be easily into all the blood vessels. It can remove all the unfavorable particles from your eye. Over exercise is not suitable, moreover, a short morning walk also is useful for you.

Rest requires

Closing your eyes for a while during heavy work get you a soothing feeling. If your profession is related to reading books and copies or sitting in front of a computer for a long time, closing your eyes for a few minutes can be helpful for you.

Although it may sound a little, it has a big advantage for your eye health. Not only a few minutes rest, but a retina doctor in Siligurialso suggested that a minimum sleeping gap is very important in our currently busy lifestyle. Sleep will remove your fatigue and your eye will get a refreshing look too.

Exceeding the age of 50 means your vision is entering into a demanding situation. During this period healthy lifestyle, a nutrient diet plan, and regular ophthalmologist consultations may improve your eye health.

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