What Causes Vision Loss & How To Get Recovered?

What Causes Vision Loss & How To Get Recovered?


We depend on our eyes completely. It is a worry when we talk about vision loss. However a millions of people have experienced vision loss in recent times. Some people experience sudden vision loss while others have slow vision loss. If you have a family history of partial or complete blindness, you must consult the best retina specialist in Siliguri. Below are some reasons you may face vision loss and how to get recovered:


When fussiness appears in the lens of your eye it means a cataract happens with you. Generally, it is an age-related complication, however diabetes, high blood pressure, sun exposure, and eye injury induce the issue. The eye cloud in the name of cataract is temporary. It can be cured by surgery. Contact a retina doctor if you have a cataract issue.

Macular Degeneration

Macula is a portion of the retina that is placed at the back of your eye. The central portion of your eye helps you to observe anything sharply. Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) affects the central portion of your eye. As a result, driving, and reading are a little bit challenging to you.

Above the age of 50 is the dreadful time for AMD which can cause permanent vision loss. Two types of AMD happen which include wet AMD and dry AMD. Wet AMD is mentioned as more dreadful than dry AMD. It can cause permanent vision loss. If you have experienced central vision loss consult an ophthalmologist immediately.

Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetic patients have a high chance of having diabetic retinopathy. While high diabetes damages the blood vessels of your eye, the blood vessels are swollen and may leak. Sometimes new blood vessels appear, and as a result, you may lose your vision completely.

The early stage of diabetic retinopathy is called non-proliferated diabetic retinopathy and the advanced stage is called proliferated diabetic retinopathy. If you have diabetes then you can control the blood sugar level with the help of your health care provider. Besides, you should also do routine eye checkups once a year.



While the optic nerve is impaired you are then suffering from glaucoma. The optic nerve is presented at the posterior portion of your eye. Glaucoma is mainly an age-related issue, however, family history is sometimes responsible for this issue.

Several types of glaucoma can appear. However, among them, the most common type is angle glaucoma. If you have a family history of glaucoma, don’t worry just  visit your best retina specialist in Siliguri for a routine check-up.

There are many other reasons that are also responsible for your vision loss such as dry eyes, congenital causes, stroke, retinal detachment, presbyopia, eye infection, trachoma, eye tumor, etc. Though vision loss is a cause of concern, there are some ways to prevent it. Proper diet plans, sleep, quitting smoking, eye exercise, avoid mobile and TV in a dark room are also beneficial for your vision.

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