When Should You Visit A Retina Doctor?

When Should You Visit A Retina Doctor?


While you visit an eye specialist he examines your vision, and contact lenses and measures recent eye power. Thus he can detect the eye disease you have and starts treatment. Maybe an ophthalmologist refers you to a retina specialist of having some issues.

Retina doctor is investing two more years after completing a degree in ophthalmology. He learns the treatment process even surgery of the retina and transparent body of the eye. If you have some retinal issues and seek retina surgery or another name for vitreoretinal surgery you need to consult with a retina doctor in Siliguri.

About Retina

The retina is a sheet of nerve cells that creates the inside eye’s back screen. It soaks up lights and transfers them to the cortex which you can see. A retina doctor treats a vast range of eye diseases. Here are some conditions why you should visit a retina doctor:

Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Persons, who are losing their eye side above the age of 50, have suffered from age-related macular degeneration. The macula is infirmed at this age. It helps people to see well.

Generally, elderly people faced dry macular degeneration whereas wet macular degeneration is rare and difficult. Doctors are fighting a lot against AMD vision loss issues.

Diabetic Retinopathy

In recent times more than 50% of diabetic patients have faced diabetic retinopathy. It causes complete vision loss. To opt-out of this problem all diabetic patients must have to consult an eye specialist yearly.

For high blood sugar levels, blood veins are fragile inside the eye, they are enlarged and cannot able to maintain a normal blood circulation system. In this way, crooked blood vessels are growing in the retina.

Retinal Tears

As you get older, the retinal tears issue appears. The retina simply detached from your eyes while vitreous tears out continuously. As a result, your eye side is completely obscured.

If you ignored the retinal detachment issue it will intend you to darkness. With the help of laser therapy or sometimes operating your eyes' retina doctors can cure this eye issue.

Pervasive Ocular Trauma

A sudden injury in the eye can permeate the problem. The outcome of the injury is severe, complete loss of vision. A retina doctor in Siliguri will guide you in detail about the surgery and relieve you from this injury.

These general retina issues can be cured by proper treatment. Consult with an experienced ophthalmologist, his expanded knowledge and guidance give you a ray of hope.

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