5 Reasons You May Have Blurry Vision

5 Reasons You May Have Blurry Vision


Blurry vision is a general issue that may occur as a side effect of other health issues. Some of the reasons are mild while some have adverse impacts on your eyes. But the question is, how can you understand whether your eye disease is severe or not?

To avoid any inaccurate decision while you suffer from blurry vision, consult a retina surgeon in Siliguri right away. While you are not viewing anything even after using prescription glass, blurry vision appears to you. In such cases, you may face fuzzy looks in one or both eyes at a time.

Below are the five important reasons why you may encounter blurry vision.


While your brain cannot get proper oxygen and vision, it lost signals. All body functions are impaired then. You may face light sensitivity, double vision, and sight loss including blurry vision. Contact a retina doctor immediately.


The central vision of your eyes always helps you to see minute details of objects. While the central vision is distorted due to wet age-related macular degeneration, you will suffer sudden blurry vision. Macula area gets deteriorated due to age and you will face difficulties in reading and driving. If the case is getting worst, you may not identify people’s faces. Take a routine check-up beyond the age of 40 to an ophthalmologist.


Keratitis is a type of eye infection where the cornea is swollen and the outer part of the eye is covered. For this disease, you may face reddens, inflammation, light sensitivity, and pain. Although keratitis is an eye infection it also happens to dry eyes, lack of immunity, medication, and injury.


Conjunctivitis or in the other name of pink eyes is a viral infection where the tissue of your eye is swollen and you feel blurry vision. The eyelids get inflamed, eyes are filled with mucus. You may experience light sensitivity at that time.


Diabetes hurts the eye. Due to high blood sugar blood vessels of the eyes weaken. Sometimes they leaked out and start bleeding. Some new weaken blood vessels may appear. As a result, your eye is inflamed and you have faced blurry vision.

Diabetes can damage your retina. In worse situations, you may suffer from retinal detachment, which is the cause of permanent vision loss.

Preeclampsia, wet AMD, and concussion are harmful to your eye. So, don’t neglect these issues by thinking of them as minor.

Blurry vision is now common to maximum people and the reason is minor. Sometimes migraines or eyestrain are responsible for sudden blurry vision. Start immediate treatment with the guidance of a retina surgeon in Siliguri. To avoid most worried vision loss issues visit an eye doctor once a year for a routine check-up. 

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