A Complete Solution To Retinal Tear

A Complete Solution To Retinal Tear


The retinal tear is a severe eye issue where a portion of the retina takes off from the below-adjoining tissue. Realizing the symptoms of a retinal tear is difficult as it is silent and easily leads to retinal detachment.

While the thin layer of the eye peels away from its supporting tissue, the serious eye issue of a retinal tear is happening to you. As the thin layer is responsible for generating vision, retinal tear leads to blindness.

You can learn only from a retina surgeon in Siliguri about the layer and how you can be cured of this eye disease. As retinal tears cannot heal up on their own, so don’t leave the issue untreated for a long time.

Retinal Tear: Causes

Retinal tears occur for many reasons. The reasons are as follows:

While vitreous gel in the ocular region attaches to the retina, then the gel expands itself and comes out. This is responsible for a mild tear across the retinal portion of the eye side. Mostly, aged people are affected by this issue.

The persons who are suffering from high myopia, their retina is expanded. Constant stretching creates stress as a result vitreous degenerates. The obvious consequence of retinal tears happened with myopia patients in such a way.

Physical trauma is also an important reason for tears. Not only eye injury but cataract treatment is often responsible for retinal tears.

If your family has retinal issues you may experience retina disease such as tears in your aged period.

Retinal Tear: Symptoms

Initially, most patients don’t have retinal tears symptoms. However, some most common symptoms are as follows:

  • Blurred vision
  • Black spots exist in your vision
  • Immediate flare of light in the field of vision
  • Limited fringe in the vision
  • Hazy vision, whether bleeding is started for torn retinal tear
  • Unexpected floaters

Retinal Tear: Diagnosis

A retinal tear is diagnosed by a dilated pupil. If you feel any symptoms, you can immediately consult a retina doctor for examinations and treatment.

Retinal Tear: Treatment

Whether you diagnose low-risk retinal tear no particular treatment is necessary for you. You should visit your retina specialist regularly for monitoring. Your retina surgeon will advise you on some health wellness plans that could not worsen your eye’s condition.

On the other hand, if you are diagnosed as having a high-risk potential retinal tear your retina doctor will prescribe cryotherapy. In this frosting treatment process, your tear is waving back into its original position.

It does not assure you that the recurrence of retinal tears. If your eye has tear prone nature then it may attack you again a few years later.

Before starting the treatment, don’t forget to take essential advice from your best retina surgeon in Siliguri. In general, the treatment always gets success and continues spontaneously.

A retinal tear is not an eye disease that can be cured solely. Medical support is required for diagnosis and treatment procedures as well. However, some risk factors are inclined to few patients. 

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