How to Prevent Eye Injuries During Physical Activities

How to Prevent Eye Injuries During Physical Activities

Accidental eye injury can result from any activities you do. Depending on the intensity of the injury, it affects your eyes and can lead to vision-related problems. The injuries may range from mild irritations to serious problems. You might consult the best eye specialist in Siliguri city for eye injury care.

Exposure to flying debris, chemicals, and radiation at industrial workplaces increases the risk of eye injury and eye-related issues. Simultaneously, grinding, hammering, construction, manufacturing, forestry and cutting may increase the likelihood of eye irritation or eye injury.

Car accidents are one of the leading causes of eye injuries. It can result from a hard impact or shattered glass striking your eye. A fall can cause minor to severe eye injury. Also, domestic violence, engaging in fights, assault, or public brawls can lead to eye injuries. 
Here are some practical ways mentioned in the blog that can keep you from eye injuries. Let’s explain.
Wear Proper Eye Protection These can be:

For sports
  • For contact Sports like boxing, basketball, or soccer, wear polycarbonate lenses in your sports goggles as these have shatterproof protection. These will provide your eyes with proper protection.
  • For racket Sports like squash, or tennis, use goggles with polycarbonate lenses as these will keep your eyes from high-speed impacts.
  • For swimming, you should use swim goggles to protect your eyes from chlorinated and contaminated water.
  • For activities like cycling, use wrap-around sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV rays, dust, debris, etc.
At home
  • Ensure furniture and home fixtures in your house do not have sharp edges.
  • Always wear chemical safety goggles while handling toxic solvents or detergents. Don’t forget to wash your hands after handling home chemicals.
  • Wear protective glasses when you use a weed trimmer. 
  • Look after stair safety just by installing proper lighting and handrails.
  • Before you spray anything, take the nozzle away from your face. 
Use helmets and faceguards
Helmets with face protectors are a must while playing sports such as hockey, lacrosse, or baseball. Wearing these essentials will protect your eyes from fast-moving impacts (objects and collisions). Or, otherwise, fast-moving impacts can damage or injure your eyes to a great extent. See the top eye specialist in Siliguri, North Bengal for eye injury healing.

Choose Quality Products
Always invest in high-quality protective eyewear; do not compromise with the quality. Quality eyewear ensures better protection and is comfortable and long-lasting.

Keep Yourself Hydrated
Hydration is vital to your overall health, including eye health, while dehydration can hinder your vision and concentration. raising the risk of accidents or falls. Make sure you do not engage in activities or sports when you’re dehydrated or tired.

If you experience eye injury from chemicals, flush your eyes immediately with water for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Seek emergency care without delay. An eye specialist after diagnosis and checkup, may recommend medicines along with home care. These may include:
  • Gently place an ice pack wrapped in cotton cloth over your injured eye.
  • Using prescribed eye drops to heal eye injury.
  • Using pain medications for eye pain as prescribed by your eye doctor.
When home care is effective, it cannot rule out the severity of the injury. Therefore, you should seek medical attention for any type of eye injury. Many times, eye injury heals with some care, but injury or damage is still there. 

Untreated eye injuries can lead to various eye health concerns, such as vision loss. Talk to your eye doctor and get a comprehensive diagnosis and medical care for full recovery. You can consult one of the most reputed eye doctors in Siliguri, Dr. Sangeeta D. Goswami. 

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