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The retina, the innermost layer of the eye's wall, is made up of rods and cones, light-sensitive cells that detect color, shape, and pattern. When the retina separates from the choroid, the tissue surrounding it and supplies it with nutrients and oxygen, the condition is known as retinal detachment.

Loss of vision results from the retina is detached and losing its ability to function. Retinal detachment surgery entails patching any holes or breaks in the retina and reattaching it to the back of the eye. The Retinal specialist Dr. Sangeeta D. Goswami will determine the best course of action during the retinal detachment surgery in Siliguri.

Reattaching the retina can be done in several ways, including

  • Pneumatic retinopexy: Although it is the easiest method for repairing a detachment, it is not appropriate in all circumstances. The retinal surgeon uses a laser or cryotherapy (freezing) to treat any tears that are present and the vitreous cavity is filled with a gas bubble.
    As a result of the laser or freezing, the retina is stuck down flat against the eye's wall by the bubble. It is critical to follow the surgeon's post-operative head positioning instructions if the retina is to remain in place following surgery. Over the next days or weeks, the gas gradually goes away.
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  • Scleral buckling: Cryotherapy is used to treat the retinal tear, the fluid under the retina is drained, and a piece of silicone rubber with a certain shape is sutured to the sclera, or outer wall, of the eye. The eye wall is pushed back onto the retina by an indentation of the silicone forms. Unless difficulties emerge, the scleral buckle will remain in place indefinitely.
  • Vitrectomy surgery: The vitreous is surgically removed with extremely small instruments, any tears are fixed with laser or cryotherapy, and the eye is filled with gas or silicone oil under a microscope. Once more, adhering to post-operative head positioning instructions is critical to enable the retina to stick down.

People who have undergone vitrectomy surgery may experience temporary vision loss when the eye fills with gas. Still, their eyesight should improve once the gas is reabsorbed and the clear fluid of the eye is restored. If silicone oil is used, it does not dissolve on its own and usually requires another surgery after a few months.

Retinal detachment surgery in Siliguri is the only method available to treat retinal detachment that is offered by Dr. Sangeeta D. Goswami. If the tear is detected at an early stage, these treatments will undoubtedly be successful in restoring eyesight. It can cause extreme and permanent visual loss if they are not treated properly and timely.

Your vision will probably become irreparably worse if you don't get treatment. The best outcome comes from seeing an eye doctor as soon as you begin to experience symptoms. Thankfully, most people will recover successfully, particularly if they seek help as soon as their eyesight is affected.

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